World Breast Feeding Week CIMSA UMP 2019 is making instagram’s post about “pumping breast milk” on Instagram @cimsaump. The goal is giving information “when should be mom do pumping” and “how often should be mom do pumping”, and also give information about “how to store breast milk” and some tips to store breast milk. World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. Breastfeeding is a saves the lives of babies and reduces their disease burden. Breastfeeding also reduces the disease burden for mothers.

The first one is about “when should be mom do pumping?” and  “how often should be mom do pumping?”. Based on the recommendation, moms should pump their breast milk before they start to work and do activities which makes the mother unable to breastfeed their baby. Also moms should practice to pump a few weeks before actually pumping.

And “how often should be mom do pumping?”. How much and how often your baby feeds will depend on your baby’s needs. For the first days your newborn baby’s belly is tiny. He or she does not need a lot of milk with each feeding to be full. Your baby may want to eat as often as every 1 to 3 hours. Frequent feeding helps increase your milk supply and gives your baby practice at sucking and swallowing. Most babies who are getting breast milk should not be fed infant formula in the first few days. First Weeks and Months as your baby grows, his or her belly also grows. Your baby will gradually be able to drink more breast milk at each feeding. Over the first few weeks and months, the time between feedings will start to get longer— on average about every 2 to 4 hours for most exclusively breastfed babies. Some babies may feed as often as every hour at times, often called cluster feeding, or may have a longer sleep interval of 4 to 5 hours. After 6 month until 24 month The number of times a day a toddler breastfeeds varies. Some want to breastfeed only before bed or in the morning, while others continue to drink breast milk as a bigger portion of their daily diet. Continue to follow your child’s cues to decide when he or she is hungry and wants to breastfeed.

Second is to tell about “How to store breast milk?” and some tips to store breast milk. You can store your breast milk to keep it fresh for your baby by using waterproof labels and ink, label each container with the date you pump the breast milk. If you’re storing expressed milk at your baby’s childcare facility, add your baby’s name to the label. Place the containers in the back of the refrigerator or freezer, where the temperature is the coolest. If you don’t have access to a refrigerator or freezer, store the milk temporarily in an insulated cooler. If you want to freeze your milk, do it as soon after expressing as possible. Leave a gap at the top of each bottle or bag, as your milk will expand during freezing. If you’re storing milk in bags, watch out for any tears. You may not notice any until you start to thaw the milk. Remember that plastic bags tend to fall over when thawing.

Article by Falah Dinar Al Hamra –  SCORA CIMSA UMP.